In the upcoming episode of TWIST OF FATE we will see pragya having a dream about aliya confessing her love for PURAB….

Pragya gets scared so she get Purab and bulbul married early in the morning without any family member notice.(WOW FINALLY) they return from the temple, every body was shock to find out that Purab and bulbul are married without their notice…
Abhi decided to organize a wedding party for bulbul and purab.

Pragya did not agree but granny convince her secretly so she accept abhi decision to organize the party..
On the other side aliya is planing to kill pragya for getting Purab and bulbul married.(HMMM)
Aliya hired a man call VIJAY to help her in killing pragya…
Vijay tried a lot of plan to kill pragya but he failed…

During Purab and bulbul wedding reception Vijay and aliya decide to kill pragya infront of all the guest and also everyone present to think that it was an accident…
During the party Vijay add poison to pragya’s food but abhi and pragya had an argument and the food fall down.(YES)

Vijay decided to take his plan to another step, he then tie a rope around a chalender/light in the middle of the house…
Bulbul was searching for Purab and she heard someone talking about his plan to kill pragya, bulbul was shock so she decide to walk around the house to find out who is planing to kill her sister..

………Vijay told aliya his next plan to kill pragya, aliya was happy to hear the news so she went and set fire on the rope and they both left the room, bulbul saw the fire and run into the room to put the fire off………………..
But she was not able to turn it off there is where bulbul realize that the rope is connected to a chalender/light in the middle of the wedding hall and she was also surprise to know that pragya is standing under the chalender/bulb bulbul run and shout pragya leave!!!!!

Pragya did not hear so bulbul run and push Pragya….
Bulbul mistakenly fall and the chalender/bulb fall on bulbul.(SOO SAD) every body was shock..
Bulbul was quickly rush into the hospital
The doctors told abhi and the rest of the family members that bulbul’s face is damage so she need to undergo face surgery they all agree and the operation went on successful…

After the operation doctor told pragya and the family members that bulbul can not talk for sometime now!!!


Few days later bulbul in the hospital found out that her face is damage and she is no more beautiful as she use to be so she wrote a letter to Purab telling him that she want to end her life. And also purab should fight till abhi and pragya unite…
Purab called pragya and inform her about bulbul decision to end her life…

Pragya ask Purab their favorite meeting place PURAB told her and pragya quickly reach there she found bulbul standing on a tall building pragya shout but since bulbul was not able to talk she did not reply…
Bulbul jump from the building or Cliff and her body was not found…
Sarla and Purab also arrive at the spot.

Sarla blame pragya for bulbul death…
well will bulbul return or not.
In Ghana we also watch twist of fate but our own is title KUMKUM BAHAGYA and we are also far ahead of u peoples bulbul die in Ghana last year in episode 350+ but we are now at episode 613+ but still bulbul is not back yet. Lets hope she will come back for Revenge…


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