Singer Pink slammed for ‘dangerous’ family photo that shows her cooking with eight month old son Jameson


The Get The Party Started singer posted a picture of herself cooking dinner to her 2.1million followers.
But fans were concerned about her eight month old son Jameson strapped to her front as she flipped food in a frying pan.
Pink’s daughter Willow, 5, had climbed up on the work surface and was looking over the pan.



“Dangerous stuff for your kids! Stop doing this,” one fan wrote.
Another follower added: “Cute photo but please don’t cook wearing the baby. I’ve read some really horrific stories about terrible accidents that have occurred doing this.”

“Love u Pink but the 1st thing that came to mind was something popping up and burning that baby’s beautiful face, or your daughter falling because got frightened because of a popping sound,” another wrote.

“I am a Mother of 4 grown children and I never ever aloud my kids around the stove when cooking. That my Dear is a Big NO NO. Happy Cooking Alone.”
But many fans jumped to defend the 37 year old singer, real name Alecia Moore.

“I wore my baby to cook because she would scream if I didn’t. She loved to see what I was doing. We never had an incident,” one wrote.

“Great pic! I did the same. There were no other ways to cook, sleep or going to the toilet,” said a follower.

A third chimed in: “How many celebrities do you see cooking let alone with their kids?

“She is spending time with them and showing them how easy it is to make a healthy meal instead of going straight to fast food.”


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