Season Finale On Life Of Ami Episode 77-79


Sanjay pulling the lab assistant’s collar and asking him to tell why did he change the reports. Then he tells that prabha had offered him money to do this and in greed of money he changed the report. Sanjay is shocked to learn that prabha can stoop so low. At home prabha is waiting for shurti and sanjay to come. They come and then prabha starts her drama that how can Shruti be so shameless that even after having AIDS she can enter the house and she then says that now if Shruti stays in the house she won’t stay and saying so she goes in her room and gets her bag and says that she is leaving the house. Then she is thinking to herself that why sanjay or anyone else is not stopping her from going and then she says that she is going and again speaks ill about shruti. Then sanjay asks her to not speak a single against Shruti n he won’t tolerate if she now speaks a word against Shruti. Then he tells about what she had done in front of the family and then tells her that he will leave the house and go away. Then sanjay’s dad also says that he also can’t stay in the house with prabha and so he will also leave the house.

Then when they are leaving Shruti stops sanjay and says that he will not leave the house and says that she will leave the house with her kids and says that she couldn’t win his mom n so she will leave the house as prabha hates her. Then prabha stops her and apologises to her and asks her to stay n not leave the house and apologizes her for the mistakes she had done. She also apologizes to Ami n then Ami says that elders shouldn’t apologize n younger should apologize n then she apologizes to prabha n sanjay also by addressing him as dad.

It begins with reconciliation of the family with shruti. Then trisha also tells them sorry and then they hug and become sisters again. Then dad says that he is still not satisfies as someone has not made him satisfied. Then prabha goes and takes his blessings and then he hugs her. then they all come and hug each other.

In paruls room parul and suyash are deciding what to give to shruti and sanjay? Then parul tells that they should give jewellery. Then suyash says no and tells that they should give some electronic gadgets to them. Then parul says no as they already have it. Then suyash tells that he is very confused. Then parul looks at him and smiles and tells that he looks very cute when he gets confused. Then they both hug each other and then parul tells that they should go for a holiday somewhere. Then suyash tells that they should give shruti and sanjay a holiday pack of paris and they both should go to khandala. Then parul gets sad and tells no and turns behind. Then she tells him that why khandala and not some foreign country, then suyash tells that khandala is outside Maharashtra and it is foreign for us. Then she gets sad. Then suyash tells that how would it be about London and then parul gets happy and they hug each other.

In ami’s room ami ami and khushboo are praying to god and they tell that they are very thankful to god that he has made this house as heaven again and that everyone is happy and then khushboo tells that now she will give chocolates to god for making the house peaceful again. Then they both discuss about what they should give mom and dad. Ami tells that sanjay is the best dad in the world and that he is the real hero of their family and he always supported them and even shruti and she will never be able to express her thankfulness to him. Then trisha comes and tells that she will also help them in deciding what to give chachi. Then she tells that they should give chichi a makeup kit. Then ami tells that will sanjay also do makeup. Trisha tells that chichi is very beautiful so to equal her up even he will become beautiful-beautiful. Then they laugh. Then ami tells that she has got something to give them. Then she tells them to close their eyes and they both close their eyes. Then ami removes a greeting card from her cupboard and shows it to them. Then they both get happy as it is all decorated with beads and stones and then they tell that this is the perfect present for chachi and chachu.

Dad id thinking what to give and prabha is on the bed sitting in a sad mood. Then dad tells that they should send shruti and sanjay to their lonavala guest house. Then he says no as they will anyways go somewhere for honeymoon. Then he asks prabha that say something and they will decide for shruti and sanjay.

At the house mandir, ami and khushboo go and pray god and tell that he is very good and because of him the whole house turned into a peaceful heaven. Then khushboo keeps chocolates there and then she prays the same to god and then behind prabha sees them. Then ami and khushboo tell that these are their favorite and they don’t share it with anyone and they are sharing it only with them. Then prabha smiles at this. Then ami asks forgiveness from god for being rude to elders in the house and specially prabha dadi and that she did not wanted to do this and she is very sorry for that and tells god that may he bless prabha dadi a lot as she being so disrespectful was forgiven by her and she is very sorry. Prabha gets very happy and she goes in the room and cries and when asked by dad tells that she is very sorry for behaving so badly with shruti and the children and then she tells that ami and khushboo were praying for her to god and that she is very impressed by ami’s behavior. Then dad tells her to go and do everything for ami as this is the moment for her to make place in their minds.
In room khushboo is writing when her pen gets over and then she tells that she will take a pen from ami’s bag and then she takes her bag and then ami comes running and takes away the bag tells her why she touched her bag and then ami takes the bag and goes out. She then removes her report card and tells that she does not have the daring to show the report card to shruti and that she cant and then she says to herself that she will study hard next time and bring good marks. Then prabha comes and then asks ami what is she doing there. Then ami hides the report card and then prabha takes it and sees it. Ami tells her please don’t show it to shruti and then she tells that she always tries to bring good marks but is not able to. Then prabha tells her that she will not tell shruti but on 3 conditions. Then she tells her that …1. She has to study everyday with her one hour…2.she has to bring good marks…3.she has to do homework everyday,…..then ami says ok and hugs and tells that she is the best.

On the dining table prabha teaches ami history. Then ami tells that the way she is teaching is so good that she will be able to learn everything and remember it. Then prabha tells that she will teach her such tricks to do maths that she will never feel difficulty in doing it.

Then prabha goes in the kitchen and tells ami to revise. Then dad who is seeing all this thinks that god has done good and then he sits on the chair and then tells ami to revise and he takes newspaper to read. then ami goes in the kitchen and asks prabha what she is making. Then she tells her that she is making kheer. Ami tells that it is her favorite and then she tastes it and gets happy. Then khushboo sees this and tells that nothing has been made for her and then she is going when prabha stops her and tells that she has made something for her and then shows her the chocolate cake for her. then khushboo gets happy and hugs her and they all hug each other.

Sanjay entering the room and then he sees that the broom has been decorated as a room should be decorated for one’s honeymoon. Then he goes and asks dad that does he know who decorated the room? Then dad tells that he does not know and then he tells to ask someone else. Then sanjay goes out and then dad smiles from behind. Then sanjay goes and asks parul that who decorated the room? Parul says that she does not know. Then ami comes and gives sanjay the card and then he opens the card and reads it that it is written that they are the best mom and dad in the world. Then he gets happy and then he hugs her. then he asks ami that does she know that who has decorated the room, then she tells that she knows that it is that person who has her hand behind everything. then from behind prabha comes and then she gives a gift to sanjay and then tells that she has decorated the room and then suyash comes and gives sanjay gift from him and parul to sanjay and shruti. Then sanjay says that the gift is empty and then parul and suyash tell that they have bought tickets of paris for him and shruti. Then parul tells sanjay that he can open the box.

Sanjay opens it and then sees the tickets in it. Then prabha tells that he has some more surprise in his bedroom in his room and then she tells him to go. Then sanjay goes.
Prabha goes In her room and then sees that the lights are off so she switches on the lights and sees that the room has been decorated with lightings. Then she gets happy and then thinks that who has done this? Then dad comes and tells that he has done it. Then he tells her to notice something. Then prabha is not able to notice anything so dad tells her that he has done the exact decoration as it had been done on their suhaag raat. Then prabha blushes. Then dad tells that the atmosphere is very romantic and that this is the perfect time for them to repeat their past. Then prabha tells him to keep quiet and they both smile at each other. In ami’s room ami is reading a book when a photo falls down and she picks it up. It is harsh’s photo and ami starts crying and then tells that sanjay has been a very good person towards her even when she was rude and he also loves shruti a lot. Then she tells that he saved her in that party and that she realized that he is exactly like harsh and that he saved from all troubles but she did not behave nicely and did not talk nicely. Then she tel;ls that he is the best papa in the world and that she loves him a lot.

In room sanjay enters and sees that shruti is sitting there covered under a saree. he then goes and sits on the bed and tells that he waited for this day since when and he knows that even she waited for this day since when. Then he talks with her some romantic sentences and then he tells that he is now thinking that how beautiful must she be looking everyday. Then sanjay sleeps on the persons lap, it is shani then he takes his hand and tells that now she does not need to do any work at home and her soft hands……then he sees the hand and then sees that it is a man’s hand and then he gets up and then he removes the ghunghat and sees that it is shani. Then sanjay gets angry and then shani gets up to run when sanjay removes his boot and hits him and then shani shouts loudly and then parul,shruti,riddhi,yogesh and suyash come. Then sanjay sees them and everyone is laughing. Then shruti tells him to leave shani. He leaves him. Then sanjay tells that why did they do this joke.

Then he tells shruti to come in and then tells them all to go out. Then shani tells that what will happen of him. Then sanjay runs him away and everyone laugh and they go out. Then sanjay tells shruti that now she has listened everything and asks her that does she want to say something? Shruti says yes and then she tells him in his ears “I love you” then he tells her I love you too and then picks her up.


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