Monday Update On Love Oh Love Episode 1-3


Avni’s mom doing the pooja and then she bathes goddess with milk. Then after the pooja avni’s mom comes and does preparation for shastri ji. She tells the chef to do shastri ji’s favorite vegetable. Then she tells a worker to put on the bed straight as shastri ji likes sitting straight. Then dadaji comes (avni’s mom’s father in law) and gives her blessings. Then he comes and sits bon the sofa. Then bhavna brings him water. Then dad takes newspaper to read and he sees that akshat’s photo is on the front page. Then he tells that see how your son has made the family proud again. Then bhavna tells that she is amazed and proud of her son. Then dadaji asks bhavna that where is akshat and his son(bhavna’s husband), then bhavna tells that they may be coming in some time. Then a car enters the gate and comes in. then bhavna tells that they must have come.

Then akshat and his dad come. Then as they come in they wash their hands with a royal jar after entering the doorstep. Then they pray to god and then take blessings form their elders. Then dadaji praises akshat for making good prosperity in business and making the family proud. Then dadaji tells his son that what does he say about it? Then dad tells that he is also proud of it. Then dadji tells that now they are thinking of giving a helping person to akshat. Then bhavna tells that they are finding a girl for him. Then he gets sad and then changes his expression. Then bhavna asks him what types of girl he wants? He tells them that it is their choice and what they feel right can be done. Then he tells that he has to take a call and he goes but is sad.
Dadji asks bhavna that where is avni, bhavna tells that avni is on the terrace and since night she did not sleep and that she has been doing some work on the laptop and now she has gone on the terrace.

On the terrace it is avni and she is on the laptop finding for girls for her bro akshat and is writing their details on a paper. Then she gets a call from her friend, devika and she asks her that has she completed the work of finding details of girls for akshat. Then avni says yes and then devika tells her that in all this work she must not forget that there is music concert and she has to come. Then avni tells that she has to take permission and mom and dad will not allow her. then devika tells her to please come. Then akshat comes on the terrace talking on the phone to someone and then avni looks at him and tells that she has got an idea and then keeps the phone. Then akshat keeps the phone. Then avni goes and then to make him impress she tells that he is very good, intelligent and handsome and so she is finding girls for him. Then akshat tells her that what does she want? She tells nothing and then he again asks that what does she want? Then she tells him that she wants to go to music concert. Then he gets a call and he tells her to go and he will talk later. Akshat is talking to his girlfriend and that he wants to marry her but he cant tell his parents about this.

Avni goes at mom and tells that she will help her today as she did a lot of work. Then mom smiles and asks that what she wants? Avni says nothing and then she tells indirectly that she does not care if she does not send her on concert and she does not care however it may be good and she wants to go but she will help her. then she tells that she wants to go to the concert….then bhavna tells no and then avni tells that she wants to go as devika is with her and she will do all the work that she tells her to and then avni hugs her and then tells her please and then she says ok and then bhavna tells her about shastriji coming for akshat. Then she tells that buah is also coming and without her they cant choose the right girl. Then buah comes and then she sits and shastri also comes. Then they sit to choose the girls and bush goes on rejecting all and shastri is shocked. After the selection shastri tells that out of 500 pics she only selected 5 girls.

Then buah tells that she selected them only because he brought with so much hardwork or else they also look ok. Then buah tells that she has to go as she has to do inauguration at a tank. Then buah goes. Then bhavna and avni and go to the Krishna temple. Bhavna meets a sadhu. She then gives him the red saree for godess and kurta for god and then sadhu takes it in and gives them the Prasad. Then he goes for some other thing. Avni asks bhavan that how her and dad’s love story start. Then avni asks that after marriage when did they both fall in love with each other? Bhavna tells that after 2 months of marriage the whole family had gone for a picnic and they were playing cricket and then she shouted ball and then he looked at her and missed the catch and they fell in love. Then avni gets happy and expresses of how muct romantic it must have been. Then the sadhu comes and tells them that today is lord krishna’s birthday and that lord Krishna meets every person to their love and he does meet that person with the right man or woman. Behind a car comes and enters raj.
Raj coming out of the car. He comes out and looks at the temple and smiles. There avni is there with bhavna. From inside the temple the toli of lord Krishna is taken.

They all come out. All the women go on one side and all come and walk behind the toli. There are dancers and they are enjoying and are celebrating with colors and are dancing. Suddenly an old man feels some weakness and he coughs a little and then his hands are about to slip and the toli becomes a little slant and is going to fall. All people are scared and avni and bhavna also. Raj comes and saves the toli from falling and he picks it up. All people then bend down to show respect to the lord Krishna. Avni’s earrings fall down so she picks it up to wear it and she alone stands and is wearing the earring. Raj looks at her and he smiles and gets attracted to her and he soon falls for her. Avni is going to look at him and is going to look that who had helped in saving the toli, when bhavna tells her to bend down to pray the lord. After praying everyone get up and avni tries to look at the man who did save the toli but is not able to as there are a lot of people dancing there. Raj is also trying to look at avni but is not able to. The old man comes and tells that he will pick it up. Raj gives it to him and then goes to meet avni but avni and bhavna go. Raj goes but he does not find them. Raj’s sister comes and she tells him that where did he go now and then starts talking and tells him that she is very happy today as it is her 6th anniversary and she is very happy to have such a husband. She starts telling him their love story and tells that she was in love with him since college time and then their parents made their relationship stronger and they did love marriage. Raj is not listening and is still finding for avni. Then their driver who is there standing woith the laddoos gives them those plates and those gifts brought for the god. Raj’s sis takes it and tells raj to take it. Raj takes it and they both go in the temple.

There they give those plates to the sadhu and he puts the laddoos there. After that the sadhu picks some laddoos and gives to raj and his sis as Prasad, raj looks at the laddoo and then remembers that avni had those laddoos in her hand. He eats the laddo and asks for another one and the sadhu gives him and tells him that may lord always bless him and give him his love and also asks him that he only saved the toli today. Raj turns behind and he then sees avni and bhavna standing at the well side. He goes there running but then bhavna and avni have gone. He thinks that they are not even here and where did she go? He gets down the stairs and sits beside a man sitting there. Up there bhavna gives avni money and tells her to give it to the poor people sitting there. Avni goes chance by chance and gives money to everyone. Raj sitting there hears the sound of avni’s payals and he looks at her.

avni comes and puts a note of 50rs in his hand. Raj gets up and he looks at her and is smiling continuously and is lost in her beauty. Avni looks at him and then tells sorry and then is taking the note back but raj is so lost that he has caught the note and is not leaving it avni is pulling it but raj is not leaving it. There behind bhavna is in the car and she calls avni and tells her to come fast. Avni leaves the note away and goes. Raj then smiles and he looks down and finds that one of avni’s payal is fallen down and he picks it up and he runs behind where avni is standing outside the door of the car. He shouts and tells that her payal is there and he runs towards the car but avni looks at him and sits in the car. Then they go. Raj stops in between and looks at the payal and smiles. Behind sis comes and asks that why was he running behind. Raj tells that it was some friend. Sister tells that now they have to go home and they also go.

At home bhavna goes and gives dadaji Prasad. Then dadaji shows a photo to bhavna and tells that this is his best friend. Bhavna tells that they will call him also for pooja and in this way they can meet him also. Dadaji tells that he will not come because he is sad from himself as his son did love marriage and his family name was spoiled in his religion. He tells that he is very sad about it. Dadaji then tells that it is good their children are not like this. Bhavna tells that yes and that akshat will marry that girl whom they will choose. Aksaht who is on the stairs listens this.

Devika has come and in avni’s room devika tells her that did she ask about the music concert, avni says no and tells devika to help her ask. Devika says no as she is scared from her mom. At raj’s house raj is still looking at the 50rupee note and the payal. He remembers avni’s face. Raj’s sis tells him to take a photo of them both as mom wants to see their latest pic. Then she sits to take a photo and after that’s eh tells him to go and bath as he is all wet with sweat. Raj says ok and he before going he hugs her. sis tells that why does he do mischief as all sweat comes on her and she tells him to go. Raj goes. Raj is in his room and he sleeps on the bed and is thinking of avni. He tells to himself that he will keep the payal safe and he opens the drawer and opens his watch case and keeps the payal in it. He removes his wallet and removes the 50rupee note and looks at it and smiles and keeps it on the table beside the bed and keeps the 50rupeenote on the table. He goes to bath. There avni goes in bhavna’s room and asks he that can she go to music concert? Bhavna says no and tells that why didn’t she tell her before that the concert is at ajmer which is 40km away from their house. Bhavna says no and so avni call devika in but devika is scared and avni call her many times and devika comes. Avni tells her to tell that she will be there and let her come? But devika does not ask as she is scared.

Bhavna tells avni that she will not go and it is too far. They all go down. To change the topic devika asks bhavna that can she teach her to make daal baati as there is a competition and her mother told her to learn it from bhavna aunty as she knows well. Then bhavna tells that it is 5:30 and she has to go and prepare. Bhavna goes in the kitchen. Avni tells devika that why did she ask about this daal baati when they were talking of taking permission. Devika tells that she had a competition so she asked. Devika asks avni that how did bhavna auntyu get to know that it is 5:30 without looking at the watch. Avni smiles and tells that the 5:30 story of mom and dad is very different and avni tells devika to see it by herself. Avni and devika look in the kitchen as bhavna is making special tea for hubby. They see and avni is smiling and devika is thinking what is so special in this. Then a car sound comes and avni takes devika behind the stairs and then she tells her to see next. Avni’s dad comes in and he sits and narayan the servant washes his hands from the jar. Dad sits down on sofa. He removes the coat and gives to bhavna and bhavna gives him tea. Dad takes sip of tea and he smiles and looks at bhavna and bhavna also smiles. Avni who is looking smiles. There bhavna sees a food stain on hubby’s shirt and asks him that he did have food in a hurry today also? Hubby says yes. Devika pulls avni outside and they both go in the garden. Avni tells devika that she is very obsessed with love and she likes her mom and dads couple a lot and even their love story. She tells that she loves the word ‘love’ and that she also wants such a person in life who loves her a lot. At home raj comes from bath and wears a pink shirt because avni had worn a pink dress. He looks at the table and does not find the 50rupee note.

Akshat removing his wallet and looking at his girlfriend’s photo with whom he wants to marry. He takes the photo and then buah calls him and tells that he must be watching a girl’s photo, he says no, buah tells that she knows as he has come home earlier than dad and must have been thinking that he will spend sometime with the girl he likes by looking at her pic. Then he says that there is nothing like this. While talking buah goes in her room and is in front of the mirror and she shouts suddenly and akshat asks what happened, she sees that there is a white hair on her hair and she tells white hair, akshat asks that is there a white hair on her head?? she says no and tells that there is not a white hair but it was just a cockroach and then she tells in a hurry that keep the phone and after keeping the phone she looks at her white hair and gets sad.

There akshat keeps the phone and he thinks of doing something. In the kitchen bhavna is teaching devika and avni to make daal and baati. Bhavna is making them understand about cooking it at a correct temperature and not keeping it for a lot of time on the gas cooker. Avni tells that yes and tells that the baati should be moved with tongs continuously so that all the sides get cooked. Bhavna opens the fridge and tells avni that today avni is telling how to cook and she tells her that she will not allow her to go at the music concert how much ever she asks her. dadaji comes in and sees that they are cooking daal baati and he takes one and puts some drops of lemon on it and he eats it and praises bhavna and then even gives avni and devika to taste and avni tells that it is a good combination. Dadaji tells that it is not his combination but his wife’s combination. Avni is looking at him and smiling. Dadaji tells that his wife had a good taste for cooking.

Avni thinks that she never saw dadiji but how dadaji is saying is showing how much they loved each other. Outside akshat brought a big pic of his girlfriend and has put details on it and he keeps the pic where the 5 pics were kept. Then he takes his file but by mistake but a bowl of flowers fall down. He turns behind and sees that it is avni and devika and gets shocked but avni tells that why is he hiding and seeing the pics. He tells that he is not at all interested to look at the pics and he will marry the one whom mom will choose. She tells that why does he ignore marriage. Bhavna and dadaji come and they tell that they will see the pics after akshat will come in the evening after his meeting.

At raj’s house raj is finding the 50rupee note and he asks sis that where is it. She tells him that the note which he had kept on the table was given by her to the delivery boy who delivered the cake for her anniversary. She tells that the note already had a pink color on it and it is of no use and she will give him instead a 100rupee note. Raj tells that he wants that only note and when asked by sis he tells that it is his lucky note and then he tells her that he will go and find that delivery boy. There raj goes down and he goes to the address where the delivery boy had his next delivery and he asks a watchman that did he see a delivery boy who had just come there. The watchman tells that he is up. Raj goes running up and he asks a man there and then he comes down again and he finds the delivery boy and asks him that did he get a 50rupee note here when he delivered the cake, the boy tells he does not remember raj tells that it had a pink color on it and then raj tell that he will give a 500 note instead of that 50 note. The boy then checks his wallet and he gets the 50rupee note and he gives it to him, raj gets happy and gives him 500rupees and then he goes running happily. The watchman there asks the boy that is that man mad, the boy smiles and tells that he is not mad but he is in love. They both laugh.

At home akshat comes and everyone sit in the hall and bhavna brings the photos. She tells dadaji that buah selected 5 pics and she counts and sees that it is 6 pics.

She tells that there are 6 pics, dadaji tells that there must have been one more and then everyone take the pics to watch, akshat is sitting there and bhavna takes the last photo and looks at it, akshat looks at that pic and then he smiles as it is his girlfriend. Bhavna tells that she never saw the pic of this girl, as avni was watching akshat smiling she understood and she tells bhavna that shastriji showed them 500 pics and that she saw this pic ans she knows this girl and she was senior to them in college and devika also says yes. Then they read the details and she belongs to their cast and her name is avantika and her dad is a diamond dealer and has a big business in diamonds. They all like the girl and avni looks at akshat and smiles.

In avni’s room she takes bread butter and allo bhujia to eat. There even raj takes the same to eat. Avni puts on bread butter and then puts allo bhujia on it and eats. There raj also does the same. Devika tells avni that she brought it for her and is eating by herself, avni tells that she loves this and while talking she puts on aloo bhujia on it and some falls so she gets down to pick it up.

There raj is also taking and some falls and he also picks it up. There raj’s sis is doing preparations for anniversary, she tells that she is going to surprise hubby by making cupcakes. Raj gets mad and he goes up and calls jiju and tells that sis is going to make cupcakes. Jiju tells him that please save me from her cupcakes and please do something as he can’t eat her cupcakes and he tells that he is going to surprise sis and if he eats the cupcakes then he will only be surprised. Raj tells that he will do something. There raj’s sis is removing sarees and is deciding what to wear. Raj starts telling her not to wear this and that and he does this so that the time passes and sis does not get time to make the cupcakes. Raj is continuously telling sis that she also needs to do makeup or else she will look aunty, sis hits him with pillow and tells that he calls her aunty….there devika asks avni what type of boy she wants….avni tells that first of all that person should be disciplined and not talk much…..there raj is the reverse, then she tells that the boy should not be too fair and he should be handsome but god from heart…..there sis tells that she does not need makeup as she fair and raj is fairer then her…..devika tells that she will not get such a boy so easily with all those qualities….avni tells that if those are not there then its ok but the boy should have honesty in his eyes and should be true and a person to believe…there raj’s sis wears saree and raj lies and tells that she is looking good.

Then sis goes out of the room and raj tells her that what is she doing she tells she is going to make cupcakes and he tells don’t make but then she locks him in the room and tells him that she will open only after making the cupcakes are made. Raj then goes on the bed and sits there and takes avni’s payal and is looking and smiling at it. There avni tells devika that her husband should be very loving, in those talks avni removes one of her payal and takes another leg to remove that payal when she finds that her payal is missing and she takes 1 payal and looks at it and there raj is looking at the other payal.


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